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Book Cover vs The Chapters

on November 19, 2012

“You can never judge a book by its cover.”  What I love most about this quote is the double standard of it personally for me. Yes, it is true you can never judge a person from the outside without knowing the inside first. Then on the other side by human nature, we do it anyway. When you look at someone while walking down the street that you find physically interesting or by what people are wearing. I am guilty of it myself when I met this guy recently. I thought he was a player pretty boy type, conceited and flashy. When I finally had the opportunity to hang with him in a different setting I realized that he was sweet, generous, with a great sense of humor and eclectic. He surprised me but in a good way. The “book cover” was just to grab my attention but “the chapters” is what keeps you reading. Will the human race ever stop judging? No, but some will make a conscience effort to modify their ways to sleep better at night. Myself, I live in reality. I will never stop judging because judging is part of our decision-making. People should make a better effort to read past the book cover, you never know the story might be interesting.


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