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Peter Pan Syndrome

on November 20, 2012

” I don’t want to grow up,” ” I am not going to have kids until I am in my 40’s,” “What is the rush, I am still young,” “I may not be able to have sex with every woman in the world, but I am sure going to try,” ” I have been hurt before and I am just not ready to give my heart away again.” These are the lines I have encountered from men in the last 10 years and I am not even in my thirties yet. I am so tired of men with what I like to call the “Peter Pan Syndrome” where they don’t ever what to grow up and be a man. They rather have meaningless interactions with females (a.k.a. sex) or just do unproductive daily things with their “boys”, i.g. drink, smoke, talk nonsense, booty watch, watch movies and play games. Relationships don’t have the structure or blueprint it once before I was born. When something was broken in a relationship, people wouldn’t throw it away initially, they would work on fixing it. Most men these days are stuck in the “Peter Pan Syndrome” because it is easy to not be attached and have to actually work through any problems that might arise. I never thought I would be twenty-eight years old and talking about giving about on  the chance on finding a good man. We only have one live to live no matter how cliché that may sound.I don’t understand why a man can’t shake his fear of commitment off. It doesn’t matter if it is a good man or a bad man, they all have this fear of being with one woman and being faithful to one woman. If you find a good man who is willing to settle down, make sure you do your part to keep him. The men that want someone to share their life with is becoming just as scarce as teenager girls actually waiting to have a baby past the eleventh grade.


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