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We Can’t Be Friends…

on November 26, 2012

Man: “Excuse me miss, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Woman: “Sure.”

Man: “Do you have a man? I find you really attractive and I was  interested in getting to know you better.”

Woman: “I am sorry but currently I am in a relationship right now.”

Man: ” Okay, I do understand that. Can I still get your number, maybe we can keep in contact and still be friends.”

Freeze! This mini skit I just wrote has been heard by myself and witness more times that I can count.Men used this line over and over again because they don’t want to strike out the complete opportunity of having their current “eye candy” completely walk out of their life. Men think that if they used the friend line then eventually if things don’t work out with the woman and her love interest, they can easily slide in and pick up the pieces. Reality check.Men and women can not be just friends. For women if you have male friends you grew up with or they happen to be friends of the family, it seem like that is the only way to have a platonic relationship. But to go out today and meet a guy and don’t want any intimate relationship just company and some laughs, doesn’t seem like it is going to happen. Initially when a man approaches a woman it is an instant attraction. An attraction to be intimate with the woman or to look for a meaningful relationship. Not to be best friends forever.It doesn’t happen. Currently I am not interested in dating right now.I just want a male friend that I can have a bond with like I have with my girlfriends.Having that gender change of scenery is always refreshing because you get to see a different aspect of life and way of thinking.  I know how to the female mind work now I want to learn the males brain. Until a man can get past my looks and just take me as just a friend with no personal gain, then it will always be ladies night out.


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