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Rush To Run Down The Aisle…. Or Be Forever Lonely?

on December 24, 2012

I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and watching the pure and utter desperation from Kenya was more painful to watch than anything I can think of. My brother-in-law bought up a point that made me start thinking. He said that if a woman is not married by the age range between 35 and 40 then there is something wrong with the woman. I was confused at first and then he started to explain himself further from a males perspective. He says to me that a man is going to look at a woman such as Kenya for example and see a strong black intelligent accomplished and independent woman. Then he is going to ask himself why a woman such as herself is not tied down and then that starts to bring up red flags to a man, advising the man to proceed with caution. I sat back after he finished his explanation and thought to myself, ” If I myself don’t get married or can’t married by a certain time frame does that necessarily mean there is something wrong with me or am I just setting the bar too high?” I don’t think that wanting someone who is going to add to my life and have certain standards is setting the bar too high for someone to enter my life. Some women settle for anyone and anything just to say they have someone and I am not that type of woman. If that means that I am going to be one of those “red flag women” who isn’t married by 35, then so be it. I know there isn’t really any detrimentally wrong with me that would cause a man to run for the hills. I just havent ran into my king as of yet….


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